Dr. James Ledwith

Founder of the Tappahannock Free Clinic.

The clinic was formed, in 2005, from the vision of Dr. James Ledwith, M.D. with the help of the Tappahannock Memorial Methodist Church and other community members to address the lack of health care available to those in the Tappahannock area without health insurance and the means to access quality healthcare.

Dr. Ledwith, a family medicine doctor in Tappahannock, noticed that within his own practice there were many individuals who were uninsured and had difficulty paying their medical bills on their own. Dr. Ledwith did his best to work with these patients, but soon realized that the number of patients were more than his practice alone could handle. He enlisted the help of his church group, and even some of his own patients within the medical field, to open his office one day a month to provide free services to those who were unable to afford them. As time continued, and the need grew, it became necessary to increase the number of clinics. Currently we are holding two medical clinics and two screening days a week.

The Tappahannock Free Clinic is governed by a Board of Directors, with nine members. Staffing needs are accomplished with one full time employee, the Executive Director, and volunteers.

Board of Directors

Madeline Lawson – ┬áPresident
Lisa Andrews – Vice President
Anne Taylor – Treasurer
Linda Cooke – Secretary
Dr. Richard Lewis – Medical Director
William Croxton
Mary Wigmore
Rev. Kenneth Park
Hillary Pugh
James Edward Clarke